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Hello Guys! Welcome to your Gxfreee blog. So in this article today We’re going to talk about Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger. And these Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger free. And we will know all these things in detail in this article. So stay in this article and know more in full detail. New Blogger Then Carefully Consider This Article Read and Follow The Suggestions.

Meta description and meta keywords are the most popular HTML tags which are still recommended despite many arguments of expert search engine optimizers. The first thing that every blogger has to do after creating a record is to improve his template by submitting it to the search engines and adding key meta tags inside the template. I’ve created a simple metatag generator tool below to make your job easier, which will help you create important tags within seconds without any SEO knowledge needed.

What is Meta Tag?

If you’re blogging or have a new blogger, you should have heard of the meta tag. If you don’t hear, let’s say that the meta tag is an HTML script, which should include each blog in your blog template. If each blogger has a very important process on Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Benefit Of Meta Tag

We know what a meta tag. But what is the advantage of adding a meta tag to the blogger template now? If you add meta tag scripts to the Tour Blogger template, your blog will quickly rank. Google adds this script to make your blog easier to Crawl. Google will soon know what your blog is about. What is the meta keyword of your blog? If Google knows about your blog, google will help quickly with the help of this meta tag or meta description.

Note: Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger. I have attached meta description within dynamic HTML tag avoid problem with duplicate content. Confused? I’ll explain. If a meta description appears for all the pages on your blog, the search engine robots will think that all your pages have the same interpretation. Because robots deal with each page as a separate website, your blog may be fined for repeated use of the same meta description. To avoid this, I have added two codes before and after the meta description so that robots appear only on the homepage. By default, the following are the two codes added to the tool.

Meta Keywords

Choose the words that describe the key topics of your blog. Keywords are more traffic targeting terms that define your blog content. Most people use dozens of highly competitive terms, but doing this is unnecessary and affects your search engine listings more. Choose some but smart keywords that reflect the overall content of your blog. Google Keyword tool will help you choose the right words. A great tip to use similar words that your competitors use. You can press Ctrl + U to open your competitor’s source file while you’re on his blog. The source file can easily see the keywords and descriptions your competitor uses. Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Write three words for a keyword and separate each keyword using comma. Take an example of my keywords.

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Meta Author

This is not a very important tag, but everyone wants to link his name to his website, so why should you back down!. Simply write your full name and avoid using nicknames or special symbols.

If you don’t want to add your name, please be empty in the tool below.

More Blogger Script

Meta Robot

Sometimes search engine robots don’t want to circumvent and tag your blog, so you can tell robots who don’t cover the blog data using any follow-up tag or code tag. By default, the blogger refers to all blogs and everything

If you don’t want to worry about this tag, be empty in the tool below.

Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

How to Add Metatag Description to our Blogger Template

Above, we know about this meta tag and meta tag generator. I also offered a free meta tag generator tool. So let’s now learn how to add this metatag description to our blogger template. The bottom is gradually. Follow this and complete the metatag integration.

Step 1-You will First See The Title Box in The Tool. In This Box You Have to Give the Title of Your Blog.

Step 2-Now Copy and Paste the Description of The Blog into The Description Box.

Step 3-Now Put Your Blog’s Meta Keywords into Keywords.

Step 4-Also You Have to Put Your Name in The Author Box.

Step 5-Do Not Tamper with Distribution.

Step 6-And Select Robots at All.

Step 7-Now Click on Create Meta Tag.

Step 8-Now You will be Asked for Permission. Then Click on OK. And You will Find the Code in The Meta Tag Box. Copy This Code.

Step 9-Now Go To The Blogger Dashboard and Go to The Theme and Paste This Code Under The tag and Save It.


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